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Wealth Creation Global Community LLC – 2021
(Filed: 06/16/2021 09:02 AM ID: 2021-001013425)

Wealth Creation Global Community Pty Ltd – 2017
(Reg No K2017/661582/07)

Our Online Platform is Wealth Creation Community
A Division of Noramig Financial Sub Trust – 2002
(Reg No IT 1516/02)

Our Leaders

Meet the visionaries driving our mission forward. Our leadership team brings over two decades of experience, passion, and expertise to guide you on your wealth creation journey. Get to know the minds behind our success and discover the dedication fueling our commitment to your financial growth.

Lance Jerrard

Chief Executive Officer
Since 2002

Richard Johnson

Chief Financial Officer
Since 2002

Morne van Schalkwyk

Global Marketing Director
Since 2002

Our Online Presence

Empowering futures since 1999

Our Parent Company was registered in 1999. During 2002 we became a behind-the-scenes service provider to large corporates in their Social Development Programs. Prior to Covid 19 these programs provided Financial Literacy Training to young adults in Disadvantaged Communities. Since Covid 19 we have built our Platform onto the combined success of three very well-established International Service Providers. This Platform focuses totally on the financial benefits of the fastest-growing technology worldwide.

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Transforming Lives through Financial Literacy Training.

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Wealth Creation Global Community LLC
Filled 06/16/2021 – ID 2021-001013425
Registered (Statutory) Office at:
1712 Pioneer Ave. 500
Cheyenne, WY 82001

Wealth Creation Community
Noramig Financial Sub Trust
Registration 2002 (Reg No IT 1516/02)

Wealth Creation Global Community Pty Ltd
Registration (K2017/661582/07)

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Registration Number: K2017/661582/07

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