Testimonials from Satisfied Subscribers

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John Dickinson

The receiving of the indicators on the Telegram platform is of high value to anyone who is interested in the trading environment. I foresee myself never going without it. A very effective and accurate system.  

Furthermore, I want to express my gratitude to the very innovative YouTube material that made it uncomplicated and valuable indeed.

 Thank you to all that made this work.

The system being implemented is reliable, exciting, accurate, and of high quality. 

 Well done!!!

Dr. Graham Ward

The administration team behind the Wealth Creation Community’s buy and sell indicators on the platform have been remarkably accurate and generate very good returns with each of their buy and sell indicators.

The support provided with YouTube videos and educational material is sound and instrumental in educating individuals who wish to trade on this platform.You can trade in any direction as selling is just as accessible as buying and it is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

An excellent tool for beginners and seasoned traders. Highly recommended

Ferefere Mogola

I am Ferefere Samuel Mogola

Since January this year I’ve been receiving several buy and sell indicators on a daily basis. 

The team that is administering the indicator on the private Telegram channel must be congratulated on the project of effectiveness and accuracy of the system….

And we are provided with YouTube video tuitions plus extra knowledge. I can therefore state that I am very happy about the quality of the

Information I receive on a daily basis.


Zelna Naude

Since the initiation of the project in January 2022 I have been receiving several buy-and-sell indicators on a daily basis through the private WCC Telegram channel.

The team responsible for the administering of the indicators on the Private Telegram Chanel must be congratulated on the effectiveness and accuracy of the system through the buy and sell indicators provided.

The YouTube videos as well as the graphs and knowledge-based material and data were particularly beneficial and valuable and a means of creating wealth. I can positively state that I am very comfortable and pleased with the quality of the information received by a novice like myself.

Gugu Mpanzu

Wealth Creation has played a pivotal role in updating me with the necessary information needed to understand such accurate buying and selling indicators. Congratulations to the Admin team for their support, updates, graphs and YouTube videos via the Telegram and e mail communication channels.

I am very pleased with all the information thus far and can’t wait to embark on this awesome journey together

John Kearney

I am John

I have been involved in the Crypto space for a number of years now, however, have no trading experience. As a result, most of my trades or buying/selling on various platforms have always been a risk. 

However, with the advent of WCC this has taken all the guess work away. The alerts are extremely reliable and take the stress of trading away. 

Kind regards

John Kearney

Bandile Kenqa

I have been a member of WCC since it went live in January 2022, since then I have been receiving numerous signals per day, every day via a telegram channel, Ranging from different coins, different signal strengths and many different timeframes…

I was a bit confused at first because I’m new to crypto but began to get educated via detailed videos and write ups on signals that were sent via telegram showing possible profits and explanation of signals…

I’m very pleased to be a part of WCC as I can say that I’m getting exactly what I have been looking for:

  • Accurate signals
    Detailed explanation and videos for the signals
  • Signals are for many crypto coins
  • Many signals daily
  • Education of the crypto world

I’d like to compliment and thank the team behind the company for their dedication as the accuracy of the info I have received so far shows that they really go the extra mile…

Dean Combrinck

I am Dean. I am quite pleased with the service provided by WCC signals.

The signals give a nice overview of market sentiment and general short to midterm direction, which aids in your trading.

You need to decide if you want to trade short term or midterm though, so that you do not get overwhelmed by trying to do everything, as the 4-hour signals can come too  often depending on the market.

The team has also provided video updates on market direction and sentiments which is very much appreciated, these have also included important trading points which helps with your exit strategy. 

Linda Ritchie

I am so excited to understand a little better of the world of Digital Currency. 

All thanks to WCC (Wealth Creation Community) and their Private Telegram Channel and training videos. 

This has helped me tremendously in identifying which e currencies are going up or down and when to buy and sell with their alerts via the channel. 

Thanks so much WCC.  


James Prinsloo

The Crypto World looked so huge, vague, and complicated, so much so that I thought I would never be able to master it. Well, this program changed my perspective. It is good to know that there are people who have mastered it and are willing to share the valuable information to people like me who were actually scared to get involved. Congratulations and thanks to the Team orchestrating this system and giving us daily trading tips through the Telegram portal which is very helpful and clear and understandable. The Knowledge Base information and Videos are superb and will send any novice on a path of success in Crypto trading. I can recommend this system to any person with a desire to become a Successful Crypto Trader. Kind regards James

Wikus van der Walt

Through The Wealth Creation Community, I have learned to trade cryptocurrencies (Ethereum and Bitcoin) and, most importantly, to trust their buy and sell indicators. I’ve been receiving these buy and sell signals through their private Telegram Channel, on a daily basis. Once I understood the process it was simply a question of trusting their signals. 

These guys have done a great job – getting this platform together and providing us with a high-quality knowledge base, together with accurate buy/sell signals. What I really appreciate in The Wealth Creation Community, is the sense of trust and integrity that comes through in all of their communication. It’s an authentic opportunity – whether novice (like me), or professional – to trade cryptocurrencies using accurate indicators (and with access to a very useful knowledge base). 

The system being implemented is reliable, exciting, accurate, and of high quality.  Well done!!!!

Mike Pelteret

I went from “skeptical” to “hooked” by the end of the first training video! This is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for, ticking all the boxes that I’ve been searching for online in the crypto space!  I have not traded frequently but did respond twice to 3-day signal alerts where I bought BTC for a longer-term view. I look forward to growing my knowledge base through educational material in the future through WCC, as well as expanding the platform with access to more features and understanding the buy/sell signals better. I have really enjoyed the informative well-presented analytical videos analyzing the charts. This is a fabulous opportunity for frequent traders as well as longer term hoddlers like me. I highly recommended anyone to join WCC and I look forward to the expansion of the group and its platform. Kind Regards Mike Pelteret

Andrew Jacobs

My name is Andrew, I have been a member of the Wealth Creation Community since the end of January 2022.  I have been receiving the various signals via the Private Telegram Group and would like to say a big Thank-You. The signals have been exceptionally accurate and have assisted me in making profitable trades.  I am still new to trading so the knowledge base and various videos and other information have been exceptionally beneficial.  Thank you so much for an efficient, effective, and reliable service. Trading in Crypto can be a minefield and you have assisted me to navigate this with ease. I am looking forward to all the additional information in order to continue to grow my portfolio.   Many thanks.

Austen Brabant

My name is Austen.

I have been receiving regular indicators/signals on crypto coin trading from the Wealth Creation organization. The signals are extremely helpful and increase your chances of trading successfully immeasurably. An absolute must have, in my opinion. I know little about trading, so these signals are a massive help and virtually guarantees successful trading. 

Regards, Austen. 

Enock Mtolo

I have been receiving buy and sell signals since the start of the project in January. The signals which are sent out on a Private Telegram Channel have been effective and accurate.

Added to this are YouTube videos and graphs to assist with the decision-making process.

Based on the above stream of info it has been fairly simple and beneficial to trade on this platform – notwithstanding my relative inexperience in this field.

Thank you to a great Team.

Enock Mtolo

Michael Hines

Hi, my name is Michael, I am a hopeless novice when it comes to trading.

I would like to mention how impressed I am with the ” buy and sell ” indicators that are received pretty regularly via the private telegram group.

The accuracy of the indicators and the follow-up YouTube videos, together with  the graphs and the knowledge-based information are extremely helpful to me as a newbie and I have no hesitation in recommending the system to anyone venturing into the world of trading and cryptos.”


M D Hines

Leon Ferreira

I am Leon. Since the initiation of the project in January I have been receiving several buy-and-sell indicators on a daily basis. The team responsible for the indicators on the Telegram group must be congratulated on the effectiveness and accuracy of the system. The graphs and knowledge-based material, YouTube videos and data were particularly beneficial and valuable. I honestly am very pleased and comfortable with the material and information provided and will surely continue using it for the future. I also look forward to numerous amounts of accurate signals in the future. Thank you!

Ruan Botha

My name is Ruan and I have been a member of WWC since end of January 2022.

I have tried numerous other investments with signals, which I found was greedy people who hooked you onto their platforms to deposit more and more money without making any profits.

Since joining WCC I have been quite impressed with receiving their signals on the Telegram Channel every day, and I have traded with these signals on the MT5 platform and between April and mid -May, I made almost a 40% margin.

I am really not greedy and I use the signals and I am convinced that you do not need a lot of experience to trade with their signals and information, so overall I am very impressed.

Many thanks to the team.

Ernest Mimbiri

To all management and the team of the professional Analysts. 

I dedicate my time to compliment all your hard work so far to provide the daily marketing indicators. I know that the pillar of any business is the focus, honest and clear vision to what you do to your investors and all the stake holders involved. 


I now urge all the community members that are lucky to be a family of Wealth Creation Community to support this project and create a lasting Legacy for all. I want to grow with this project and reach all hights in life.